GMR FM Managers has provided: Vision, Mission and business strategy to help young people for future success

GMR FM is a soulful radio station based in Durban KwaZulu-Natal; it was born on the 16th of June 2020 as we are pleased with our 1st anniversary in the industry this year [2021]. We are growing in numbers, and vision we want to be on the top 10 best radio stations in South Africa in less than 5 years, even abroad and we have strong belief that it will happen.

GMR FM is the fastest growing Online Radio station in South Africa with strong Local and global dignity. This Radio station talks with excessive pride, self-satisfaction and talented presenters that will be on Air in the period of 2/3 months from now . Your day will continue Sounds better with our music playing in the background.

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife. The Only Radio Station that plays Music That Will Fuel Your Soul is Us [GMR FM] . We bring back the originality of the radio roots.

Music can make you feel every emotion way more deeply and clearly. If it talks about love, you will feel love and if it talks about heartbreak you will feel the ache of your heart breaking. Music is the force that crosses all the boundaries and brings people together.

Just take your time and listen to The Most Soulful Radio In The Equator via all our streams now we have Official Android App #KeepItMoving. This Radio has grown Online with average listening numbers are [2345 Listeners] within this period of 1 year of Brodcasting there are numbers coming in daily. For that we have structured well and plan our way forward to give back to the people, our community..

We going to give opportunity to those who are not working, we all know it tough time in SA but we willing to employ more than 30 people [1st Phase] this year & early next year to begin the work. However we will also going to need presenters, Producers, News readers, all indoor workers etc.. [2nd Phase] Another more employers will be added as well okusho ukuth ukusebenza kwethu kahle nokuzimisela that will allow us to look for more people to work. Radio have lot of work in public as well as behind the scenes

We will form Black Business Movement in the next few months to support small businesses from the ground because of you we grew confident to help Black Business Movement [BBM] to Chace their dreams. “Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.” #GMRFMBusinessHustlers

I’ve said to our government, to our sponsors and anyone who is willing to pladge & support this radio station, [please] would you trust us and give Black Business Movement [BBM] a chance, we will employ people to reduce the unemployment rate in SA.. I also believe that in South Africa there is lot of Talent, I’ve seen a lot of talent in this country. We’ve made it clear that our vision – is to bring radio talent into existence within communities and people that has passion for radio.

I’m not willing to look on top for a favor of fast growing or gain fast intrest, that won’t help us as we want to bring talent into existence. Our mission is very clear – is to bring the originality of the radio roots, with our music and expand it into future with the values of talent merge so the listeners can relate into their daily lifestyle.

We respect successful talent right now, we have seen lot of people who are now doing great things in radio they started somewhere. I asked them a favor to help those who still want to archive more in life… We are the bridge to success, we will give opportunity to youngs one and old, who knows maybe it might be a dream come true. I also believe that this radio [GMR FM] will grow in numbers, but we must not forget our values

> Morality.
> Ideas that we hold to be important.
> Govern the way we behave
> Communicate and interact with others.
> Transcend specific objects, Situations or persons.
> Influences our perception.
> To understand what ought to be or what ought not to be
> Beliefs are concepts that we hold to be true.
> Beliefs determine our attitudes and opinions

Everyone have a dream as I quote one of the greatest women Oprah Winfrey once said ” If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you “. If you don’t honor your calling, life will never reward you with the gift of knowing how it feels like to live on a path of passion and purpose. It’s the greatest feeling of all.

We love what we are doing, and I always say If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion. Whatever you do, make sure you align your heart with the task. Loving what you do is crucial to living a passionate life. Sthembiso Zondo once said, behind every successful man there is painful history

There is lot happening behind the scenes but success always speaks positively about life… We have done significant changes from where we started there is no doubt that we are growing numbers don’t lie, as we alway passionate about this movement. Recently we have released a Beta version of the App which is another great way to start our second year, official App is now been launched with some exciting features and we still have lot to improve on the App as we still waiting for IOS to release the App as well

Download GMR FM Official App for free

South Africa we want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done for us, as little as we are but you keep on showing us love and that is what makes us to do more and more. Without you supporting us we would be able to do something like this, please continue to support us and tell us what we can do to improve.

Thank you may God keep on protecting our beautiful country of South Africa and let fight to reduce the number of unemployed citizens in this country, we all know it not easy but together we can.

Best Regards

Menzi Mntungwa
Phone : 0678024177
Email : [email protected]

Nkanyiso Mntungwa
Phone : 0680332259
Email : [email protected]

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