Developers give update on GMR FM App, that will be live in few Days

We can confirmed that the App was submitted for review and is expected to become public once approved to meet international policies to be accessed in 173 countries. We worked on making it simple to avoid significant data usage.

Which means the user can expect to use less then 50MB per hour. As the 173 countries would allow users to access the radio even if they travel abroad or relocate. This way they will not be required to solely rely on the WEBSITE.

The app include a live feed, which means news or what ever that we publish on the website becomes available instantly on the app.

The current features include:

– Live Stream.
– Live Chat.
– News Feed.
– Competition.

Please note more features will be added on the next update after approval by Google. We thank you for your cooperation & continued support, we are pleased to provide you with the best service..

Kindly Regards



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